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Having an online event? Check out how our "Virtual Photo Booth" can help take your online events to the next level!


Our "Virtual Booth" is highly capable!

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Why a virtual booth?

COVID-19 has forced the events industry to adapt. Our clients are hosting more events online than ever before. The trick is, how do you keep people engaged?

The best events strike a balance between content & connection. That's where we come in. You've got the content, let us help with the connection!

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See it in action:

How it works:

We work with each our our clients to make sure the branding is just right! We use your logos, colors and designs to create the perfect template, and match the online interface to your event. 

From there, we'll send you a private link for your guests to access the booth. 

Your guest can use their desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet to engage with the booth and take a photo, gif, boomerang, or even a video. 

Guests can then send the custom branded photo to themselves by email. Or, they can share it directly to social media right from the the virtual booth!

Depending on your preferences we can also enable an online gallery. That way, your guests can see the photos of other attendees creating a deeper sense of connection!

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