Frequently Asked Questions

Have a questions about one of our booths? You can always contact us, but if you're more of the DIY type, we have answers to our most frequently asked questions down below. 

Our booths are highly capable:

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Will there be someone running the booth?

We send booth attendants with all Queso Packages and with Salsa Premium. A booth attendant is not included with Salsa unless you upgrade to Salsa Premium.

How long does set up and break down take?

We will arrive one hour prior to your rental time to get everything set up. Set up takes around 30 minutes, but we don't like to rush things. We want everything to be perfect for your event. We will break down at the end of your rental time, which may take up to 45 minutes to completely load out.

How many power outlets do you need?

We will need access to one standard three pronged outlet to power our equiptment. Ideally, the power outlet should be as close as possible but, can be as far as 25 feet away.

How much space do you need?

The ideal space would be 10x10x10. However, we can accommodate spaces as small as 6x6x9.

Do I have to pay for set up and break down?

Nope, that is included in in the price already. The booth will be up and running by your start time, and we wont take down until after your rental has ended.

Can you set up outside?

Yes, as long as you provide a canopy or a covered area. There will be an additional $50 charge if we need to provide our own tent. A covered area helps to ensure proper lighting for optimal photo quality in addition to protection from the elements.

What if there is no power at my venue?

All of our packages require access to a standard three pronged plug within 25 feet. However, we are able to provide power to our Salsa Packages with a portable battery pack for an additional $50.00. If your venue does not have power, you will only be able to book our Salsa Packages.

Do I need to provide WiFi?

No, we are able to connect to the internet anywhere within the AT&T® coverage area.

How do my guests get their photos?

All of our Packages come with digital sharing. That means, your guests can text or email their photos to themselves right from the booth. If we are within the AT&T® coverage area, their photos will be delivered immediately. If coverage is not available, content may take up to 24 hours to be delivered. With our Queso Packages, guests will also receive prints right then and there. Depending on your package, and preferences, guests will receive either: 1, 2, or unlimited prints per session. Queso: Either one 4x6 per session or two 2x6 strips per session. Queso Unlimited: Either unlimited 2x6 or 4x6 for an additional $25 per hour.

What is the difference between Queso and Queso Unlimited?

Both packages come with digital sharing and printing. The main difference is the number of prints and a few add ons. Queso comes with two prints per session (each time a group goes through the booth) and Questo Unlimited has unlimited printing, which means everyone gets a print out. With Queso Unlimited you are also able to add gifs, boomerangs & photo filters to your package. Queso Unlimited also comes with a memory book upon request, which makes it really popular for weddings.

What is the memory book?

Queso Unlimited comes with a memory book upon request, which is really popular for weddings. We print an extra photo for each group to add to a photo book. They are able to put their photo in and leave a note. It's a great way to remember your event!

What is a gif?

A gif is an animated photo made up of three still images that is then stitched together like a video. Here is an example:

What is a boomerang?

A boomerang is a two second video that plays in a loop, first forward then backwards. Here is an example:

Will I get a digital copy of the photos?

Yes, you will get a link to download all your photos within 24 hours of your event ending. You will also get access to a special online gallery at the end of your event (depending on privacy requests). This is a great way to share the photos with friends or family.

What is the custom template? Can you include our logos or custom text?

Yes, we can include your logos and custom text. We custom design a template for each of our clientscliants to match the theme of their event or their branding. Check out some examples on our Templates Page.

Where are you located? What areas do you serve?

We are located in Downtown SLC. We serve the entire Wasatch Front and Park City with no travel charge. If your event is not within the Wasatch Front or Park City, a small travel fee may be added, depending on the length of rental.

What is your booking process? Do you require a deposit?

We require a 50% down payment and a completed contract to secure the date. Both our contract, and invoice payments can be take care of online. If you are ready to book, you can CONTACT US to get the process started.

Wait! I have another question.

No problem! We are always here to help. You can CONTACT US and we will get back to you ASAP.

Can your booths do green screen?

Yes! The following packages are green screen capable, for $100 extra: -Queso -Queso Unlimited -Salsa Premium

Do you have photo filters?

Both our Salsa and Queso Unlimited packages include photo filters, upon request. Filters are not available on the Queso Package.

Do you offer a non-profit discount?

We do have special pricing for registered 501(c)3 non-profit organizations. Please CONTACT US to inquire about pricing.

What is a "session"?

A session is anytime your guests go through our photo booth. You get an unlimited number of sessions during your rental period. For example.: With Queso: Guests get a limited number of prints, based on your preferences, each session. But, they can go through an unlimited number of times, each time, getting more prints. So, if 10 people come through at a time, we will print either 1 or 2 photos based on your preferences. Your guests can also text/email their photos! With Queso Unlimited: Guests get 1 print per guest (and one extra with a Memory Book) and can go through an unlimited number of times, during your rental period. So, if 10 people come through at once, we will print at least 10 photos. Your guests can also text/email their photos! With Salsa: Guests won't get prints but they can text/email their photos an unlimited number of times.

How do I get my event photos?

We will email you two links at the end of your event: -A link to download your photos -A link to an online gallery You can also find your online gallery on HERE for up to one year. If your event was more than one year ago and you've lost your link, please CONTACT US.

How much is the "Virtual Booth"

Virtual events often cover the span of multiple days. Becuase of this, we are unable to provide direct pricing online. Please contact us for a quote HERE.

How we're protecting you:
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We are taking steps to help protect the health and safety of our clients, and their guests who use our photo booths. We use EPA registered disinfectant products to clean our equipment before, after and during each booking. (Including props)

Hosting an online event - check out our "Virtual Booth"